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Live Audio Streaming Issues – FM103.2

I’ve been finding it harder these days with some content providers to connect to online media, due to them using proprietary formats.

Why can’t people just use ogg? Will respond to that another day.

I have been trying to get live streaming audio to work on Linux from (formerly FM103.2). They seem to being using wma2 inside asf.

The only successful application that I could find to accomplish this is VLC Media Player version 0.9.8a. The audio quality is great.

Thanks VLC developers for your hardwork.

Open Letter to Mr.Hervé Yahi, Mandriva CEO

Mandriva under a change of a new CEO have now put corporate interest above the life source of the distribution; its own community and leadership in the attempt to save a dollar. This will be the ulitmate downfall of the distro if these changes continue to happen. They don’t get it, without the community involvement there will be no more Mandriva. These changes will not help the financial status of the company. It will continue to make matters worse. Mandriva community, Its time to rise up and put your support behind our leaders.

Good bye Adam Williamson – Adams might have rocked the boat recently with his comments about Canonical. They were his own thoughts. As to the Mandriva Community he has been the PR and backbone of the Community and losing him will be a great loss to us all. Save Adam and the other remote devs and contractors.

Save Adam Williamson Petition

” On behalf of Wolfgang “wobo” Bornath

With great surprise I read the announcement about the termination of Mr. Adam Williamson’s contract with Mandriva. As one of the longest standing users (since 1998), contributors and advocates of Mandrake/Mandriva Linux, as well as a former long term contractor of Mandriva, as well as the founder and maintainer of the German Mandriva user community project I would like to share my opinion about this move.

Let me first state that I am well aware of the financial situation of Mandriva SA. I am also aware of the importance and essential role of cost reduction in the attempt to make Mandriva SA survive the current situation.

Every company in this situation has to look at its assets and decide which one can be sacrificed. The crucial question is: what does it cost the company if I give away this or that asset. In German we have a rule: “Never give away your family jewels!” which may translate into: you must not draw on your reserves.

I saw Dr. Denis Havlik come and go, also Mr. Gaël Duval and many other very important people, important for the future of the company Mandriva and the distribution likewise. With Mr. Williamson you give away one of the most precious assets Mandriva has.

Were it not for Mr. Williamson the community of Mandriva users would be much smaller. You may not know the Mandriva Forum, you may not know the importance of the community in the Linux universe in general nor for Mandriva itself. But you may know the repeatedly announced commitment of Mandriva to this community. Terminating Mr. Williamson’s contract is a dirct contradiction to that commitment. Most of the work which is necessary to distribute Mandriva Linux is done by just that community – for free! Do you know how much of this work will be left undone when you “fire” one of the most important persons in this community?

Certainly you know that each member of this community may be the person who talks to the CTO or CEO of your next potential corporate customer. Guess what this person will tell his superior about Mandriva.

Were it not for Mr. Williamson Mandriva’s output of news and information would have gone down to zero after Mr. Duval and Mr. N’Doua had left the company. It is not the press release on the Mandriva website which makes Mandriva visible in the market, it is the continuous flow of news and information, which was mainly in Adam’s hands during the last years.

Of course you can terminate each and every contract and hope that “the community” will fill the gap for free. This may work well for a certain time and to a certain degree. But it will not work in any case. And not in this case.

For myself, on behalf of the German user community and for the future of Mandriva I want to ask you to give the termination of Mr. Williamson’s contract a second thought.

Thank you very much for reading


Wolfgang “wobo” Bornath”

From KDE 4.1.2 to Gnome 2.24 Update

It has now been over a month using Gnome 2.24 after changing from KDE 4.1.2. During this time I gave KDE 4.1.2 another go.  After some updates were release performance improved; but general KDE 4’s interface is slow and sluggish and errors are constant. Its doesn’t handle GTK apps well when rendering on the screen; the screen goes black or blank in parts until it refreshes.

Also KDE 4.1.2 is limited to what sort of hardware it can run on. Not as bad as Vista but looks like it will not support anything over five years old with little ram. I am unable to run on my old laptop. Dell Latitude C610. It is just freezes up the system. Takes forever to catch up with processes.

So ultimately I think the KDE 4 desktop will improve and will be great for current and future hardware. I am hoping the experience will get better and the desktop become a lot more stable.

I’m keeping an eye on Gnome 3 development and looking forward to where it heads.

So as I said in a previous post its Gnome for me for now. It is just more stable and can handle the tasks I have with ease and very few crashes.

Stability before innovation.

A New Ubuntu Loving User Freed from Vista.

I just finished installing Ubuntu 8.04_1 LTS on a friends computer. They have had enough with Windows inparticularly Vista. The installation went smoothly. No hiccups from the wubi installer.  In no time my friend had ubuntu up and running, and boy she loved it. She adapted easily to gnome the desktop, found OpenOfiice 2.4 easy to use and was using firefox 3 to do her browsing.

So phase one is now complete. She plans on spending the next couple of months getting use to the environment and is willing to put in the time to save her multiple hours she would have lost on Vista.

Phase two will be a complete removal of Vista. Running XP in a virtual machine for must have software.