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Amusing Ourselves To Death – Huxley vs Orwell


From KDE 4.1.2 to Gnome 2.24 Update

It has now been over a month using Gnome 2.24 after changing from KDE 4.1.2. During this time I gave KDE 4.1.2 another go.  After some updates were release performance improved; but general KDE 4’s interface is slow and sluggish and errors are constant. Its doesn’t handle GTK apps well when rendering on the screen; the screen goes black or blank in parts until it refreshes.

Also KDE 4.1.2 is limited to what sort of hardware it can run on. Not as bad as Vista but looks like it will not support anything over five years old with little ram. I am unable to run on my old laptop. Dell Latitude C610. It is just freezes up the system. Takes forever to catch up with processes.

So ultimately I think the KDE 4 desktop will improve and will be great for current and future hardware. I am hoping the experience will get better and the desktop become a lot more stable.

I’m keeping an eye on Gnome 3 development and looking forward to where it heads.

So as I said in a previous post its Gnome for me for now. It is just more stable and can handle the tasks I have with ease and very few crashes.

Stability before innovation.

A New Ubuntu Loving User Freed from Vista.

I just finished installing Ubuntu 8.04_1 LTS on a friends computer. They have had enough with Windows inparticularly Vista. The installation went smoothly. No hiccups from the wubi installer.  In no time my friend had ubuntu up and running, and boy she loved it. She adapted easily to gnome the desktop, found OpenOfiice 2.4 easy to use and was using firefox 3 to do her browsing.

So phase one is now complete. She plans on spending the next couple of months getting use to the environment and is willing to put in the time to save her multiple hours she would have lost on Vista.

Phase two will be a complete removal of Vista. Running XP in a virtual machine for must have software.

Carbon Belch Day

For those who don’t really care about Green house emissions.

Happy Carbon Belch Day

Information Week Article

The methods people go to voice an argument.

A pity it’s not April Fools Day.