Council’s Watching Your Waste

TI-RFid chip under bin

Council’s these the days are now going to great lengths to insure that we are recycling and doing the right thing with our waste. The problem I have is the lengths that some Council’s are taking to ensure we comply with their recycling Policies.  TI-RFid has now been inplmented in Ryde and Randwick councils; see the SMH article on Tracking device on bins ensures residents chip in. This will be used to measure the weight of bins, time of collection of bins.

“But the councils insist they are not spying on their residents’ waste habits, or planning to use the technology to increase waste levies in the future.

They say they are using the data to help identify areas where people are not recycling enough.”

“Bin weight data will help identify average bin weights by type and suburb. This information will also be used to develop waste education material,” a Randwick City Council spokeswoman, Alexandra Power, said.”

What this shows is that council’s believe they need to monitor their residents as they can not trust them to do the right thing. This could show that Council’s are trying to measure usage with the aim to charge more on the customer if their waste is high. Well only time will tell. Will be interesting to watch its progress and whether other waste services and Council’s will adopt similar strategies.

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  • It could mean people are still not using there recycling programs properly. we live in a consumer age, as a result we have to pay for what we consume. there use to be a time when everything was recycled, these days everything is disposable. we are constantly forgeting that we live on one planet, meaning people are happy use the waste products but forget it has to go somewhere. a good example of what i’m talking about is water, people are so worried about using recycled water, but the reality is new water has never been created, we are still drink used water, yes I mean someone, somewhere has done pee in your drink.
    if the councils are trying to track our waste to get us to recycle correctly, then i’m all for it. if the council is trying to make us pay for what we consume, then maybe people will start choosing products with less packaging. personally I choose the enviroment.

  • Not that its any consolation, but here in the UK, there are a few test cases where councils have put the same RFID chips on the wheelie bins to measure waste weight.

    It is an indictment on human nature, but very true: the vast majority of people will only respond when there is a financial pressure, rather than a moral or ethical pressure.

    So even though people kind of ‘know’ they should cut down on their waste, they will only do so when they get charged by the kilo for their waste. Only then will they really think – and act – to cut down their waste.

    It is sad truth, but a truth none the less.

    The same is true of green energy. The majority of people will only choose to put solar panels on their house or install a geo-thermal bore hole if it saves them money.

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