Have town and city councils become the servants of evil?

Author: Brandon Jay

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Have the town and city councils become cowards and overlords, have they all decided to take part in corrupt and illegal activities, have they decided not to resist the illegal activities the Feds are doing inside their jurisdictions, have they decided to become servants of evil in Land of the Slave, Home of the Cowards in the United States?

Back in January 7th 2002, the Texans for Freedom along with President Alex Jones on decided to go against a Unconstitutional federal law in the Austin Texas city council, to get the city to pass a resolution not to cooperate with the Unconstitutional orders under a Federal law which is completely acceptable under the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution. That federal law is the USA Patriot Act that was passed in order to take away Constitutional rights forever, it is meant to secretly make people disappear and execute them without a regular Article III sanctioned court same as the NDAA 2012 law that was passed in the future but expands the fiat legalization of tyranny. In fact it is well known that after the passage of the Patriot Act, that there are 414 local, county, and state resolutions passed that have repealed the Patriot Act & Restore the Bill of Rights. That was of course around a decade ago before the town and city councils everywhere are becoming corrupt to prevent this new trend of local municipal governments not cooperating with tyrannical abuses of power.


Alex Jones on the PATRIOT Act – YouTube video

Note: I believe a hard-copy video of this is on the Matrix of Evil documentary sold by the Infowars Shop or PrisonPlanet.tv subscription service.

Now what has happened after President Obama, the council of governors, The federalization of local police, coordination between local authorities and governments to assist the Federal Government abolishing state and local sovereignty & Independence, Federalizing and Militarizing of Police Departments and Police Chiefs, and other acts of Executive and National centralized fiat rulings and terrorism that has plagued the entire country of America.

Many town and city councils have now engaged in oppression, emergency powers which makes the usual legal procedures null and void, engaging in corruption and power grabbing, engaging in bribery and extortion, engaging in blackmail, engaging in silencing Freedom of Speech and other Bill of Rights protected acts instead of passing local resolutions to be safe havens for the Constitution, engaging in intimidation and terrorism, engaging in threats, engaging in control freak type of acts, engaging in reducing the common people to a maimed slave race.

Even the Associated Press admitted that the Quartzsite Arizona city council engaged in emergency declaration power grab to prevent a legitimate and duly elected Mayor from engaging in his rights to his seat in office as Mayor of the town. It states and I quote “It also allows the five-member council to meet without public notice and suspend all public comment at the meetings until they declare the state of emergency over.”

Quartzsite Mayor Interview – YouTube video

It has even gone as far as some town and city councils arresting and throwing people out for the Mayor, Chief of Police, or even certain council members disagreeing with their comments. In one case in Austin Texas, the same city council at one time that was nice enough to let Alex Jones fight corrupt Federal laws in the council chambers in 2002, the mayor shut somebody up and threatened other people that if they complain then they are next. That Mayor was Lee Leffingwell and the victim was Ronny Reeferseed whom was arrested by police, a political activist who frequently speaks at his council, for saying his name in his trademark style.

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell has Ronny Reeferseed Arrested at Austin City Council – YouTube video

Even in the examining of a Mr. Brian D. Hill, a ex-resident of the Town of Mayodan that ran a powerful Alternative Media website that attracted not just traffic from US Government IP addresses and US Military addresses but also millions of people a month slowly ranking higher and higher until it would eventually rank along with Infowars and Drudgereport. Even many local residents were given advertisements and opportunities to visit the USWGO website and even the town had records of USWGO’s historical fight in the town council. That organization was USWGO Alternative News which was modeled using a modified version of WordPress a blogging platform.

His site has been shut down for quite over a month now after he spoke out for the last time on July 9th and getting threatened and intimidated by the towns Police Chief. He is refusing to explain on public record why he censored his own website except that he was threatened because he made the powers that be very angry. The video where he was forced back, not even asked to leave as all the chief said was “Closed Session” for simply asking his corrupt state senator as the town attorney a question, has disappeared. In fact every article syndicated from FederalJack to almost every website under his control has all disappeared so all the documentation from USWGO has nearly vanished off the face of the Internet but there are pieces here and there of Mr. Hill’s work and fight at the town council.

Some have wondered if he had been blackmailed or set-up with a criminal charge to shut him up but those are unconfirmed and are still just rumors, and of course he doesn’t wanna explain what happened publicly so it must be something destructive to his reputation. Even with all the documentation gone here is what the town of Mayodan has done with Mr. Hill’s efforts to fight the NDAA and Agenda 21 and even with the Nullify-NDAA petition drive right to the town manager. The results were all for nothing and the manager even stated in a written email correspondence that the town of Mayodan has no jurisdiction what lawyers would call a jurisprudence to fight the NDAA a federal law therefore the town will allow people to be secretly abducted/kidnapped and executed in a military prison without the right to a court trial, an attorney, and a jury of peers protected b Article III of the US Constitution and even the state Constitution. Even the town of Mayodan has been found to be $2-million in debt therefore the Town is a slave to the banks that the town loaned the money from and even receives a lot of Federal grant money which makes the town an advocate of federal welfare money, therefore a product of the Fed. The town through out any efforts against Agenda 21 and the NDAA, even with the signed support of almost 100 people within the community in the 2,000 population town to fight the NDAA in the town of Mayodan using a town resolution and petition. It was even discovered that the town charter was changed to not require the town manager to be a resident of the town nor even reside within a certain parameter of miles from the town limits, therefore even a foreign political figure can become a town Manager of Mayodan working for the Rockefeller foundation if requested. Only this article documents what truly happened in the Town of Mayodan and will likely disappear at some point. Mr. Hill brought out the facts, had the resolution drafted by the legal team of The Intolerable Acts organization, gave out facts to the town and state senator as to why North Carolina and even the town under the Tenth Amendment and case law can resist the NDAA 2012 law. Instead the town will advocate with help from the police chiefs to secretly detain and torture people when given an order to do so.

Even though the original video has been blocked by the account owner, there is a mirror that was found during a YouTube search, so go and watch the video. It is the second video after the first incident of people being arrested for asking questions. Around 3:51 in the video to be precise. If he had felt coerced to take the video down and his entire website down then it is definitely something serious for USWGO to be memory erased off the entire Internet and alternative media networks without warning or even an explanation.

Liberty PANDA, activists thrown out. NDAA Action Update 7-13-12 – YouTube video

Then with Sean Justice of FederalJack.com also known as Popeye received a visit from the FBI after speaking the facts at his local Miami city council in Florida likely called in by the Police Chief, Mayor, or one of the council members.

FBI Harrass Activist “Popeye” from FederalJack – Alex Jones Tv – YouTube video

Another story of city council oppression was the bullying and harassment of the chicken man named Andrew Wordes that was getting in trouble for raising chickens in his back yard, completely legal, but then the city council got angry that he stood with his rights and refused to stop what he was doing. After the law passed a court ruled that he was protected under the grandfather clause of the Constitution in his state then the city resorted to far worse such as his chickens being poisoned to death. The city even did far worse then what I am simply explaining here which has been documented by NaturalNews and Infowars. It got to the point where he went mental and burned his home to the ground with himself in the house committing suicide in the firing flames while police witnessed it. Then the Infowars news crew traveled to the city hall to start investigating further, interviewing people and get a hold of public city records which is a legal right under a transparent government. Then the police showed up in sunglasses looking like prison wardens harassing the reporters and telling them they weren’t allowed to head into the building all for the repercussions of bad publicity due to the chicken man incident.

Are Roswell Police Covering Up Death of “The Chicken Man”? – YouTube video

“Turn the Camera off!!” Roswell, GA- Infowar Reports- Alex Jones Infowars Nightly News 2012-04-16 – YouTube video

There are even more cases of city and town councils abusing their power and acting like corrupt minions of the Feds and the Federalized states. There is too many to cover but I just thought I cover some very important town and city council abuses of power and absolute oppression where reasoning is gone and everything is about a Bureaucratic nanny state style terrorism and oppression of the people.

So now local city and town councils harassing, intimidating, threatening, blackmailing, and oppression has gone to an all time high. Imagine with quite a lot of cases that are documented on YouTube or even the media, imagine how many do not become public knowledge, imagine how many town and city councils have done horrible things and got away with it.

So what has happened to the towns and cities as they shred liberty, start telling their residents what to do for every little thing, and are becoming miniature police state bureaucrats for the corrupt and compromised Federal and State Government. The towns and cities are all municipal corporations that has been registered under a state charter although different states have different rules for registering towns and cities to be legally recognized within the state.

So why are all these towns and cities now defending torture, defending kidnapping, defending destruction of the Constitutions separation of powers, checks and balances, engaging in suppression and oppression, engaging in persecution, and have become corrupt crime lord capitals of smaller governments worldwide? First of all these towns, states, cities, and counties now get Federal grant deals where if they do what the Feds ask they get money from the Federal Government as political welfare recipients and whores and in some cases community grants come from the state. Second of all the towns and cities have slowly become federalized by the Department of Homeland Security. Third of all the chiefs of police have been picked by Federal boards where instead of being picked by the local communities, they are picked by Federal boards to enforce Unconstitutional federal mandates. Fourth is the usage of National Security Letters (NSLs) that cannot be disclosed to the public to bully public officials into submission of Federal authority. Fifth of all the powers that be know people will fight the Feds through their communities since their governments are easier to travel to and access compared to the distance between Washington DC and where you live. People don’t get an opportunity to publicly speak at the Congress and State capitols so the next best thing is the municipal and county public meetings. The enemy of freedom knows what the people will attempt to do by watching their activities then finding ways to counter them at every level making people feel hopeless and depressed like they have no power.

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