More hosting dilemmas

Today I found that I had another DNS routing issue from my webhost MDwebhosting.  My site is hosted on their Australian servers.

First I had problem when my account which was created on the 10th February was lost after a server outage, which resulted in the installation of new servers in the data centre.  At this time my credit card had been billed. I had not been informed of the problem and subsequently had to call to find out why my credit card was billed but no existing service was available. They apologized for the outage. So they were able to recreate my account and issue me with a new set of name servers.

On the last three ocassions in the last 30 days, I have had 3 outages caused due to problems with DNS routing with my name servers. This also affected everyone else who was hosted on the same server. Each time I have had fairly quick resolution. The problem; why is this constantly happening? What are they doing? Who in the company keeps playing with the DNS settings?

 I have never had any issues with my old hosting in Sydney SISgroup, on their Sun Debian servers.

They have one last chance and then I’m hunting for a new host.

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