Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to Announce Civilian Corps – Welcome to the Police State

Wow I never thought I would see the day that the Australian Government would take on the nature of it American buddies by introducing a civilian corp. But who would put it past them after our response to the 911 incident. We are just an extension of US CFR policy these days. This will most likely mirror the Give Act HR-1388

Kevin Rudd to annnouce next Wednesday according to article.

From Article:
“A civilian corps manned by everyday Australians to help out in war zones and natural disasters is set to be announced by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Perth on Wednesday.

Mr Rudd is expected to announce the civilian corps among nine initiatives at a community cabinet meeting in the West Australian city.

As reported in The West Australian newspaper, the regional response strategy would call on professionals and public servants. They would include defence reservists from local, state and federal governments, as well as non-government workers.”

Wow, will this force also have the powers to arrest and detain citizens? Be run like a National Guard? Have similar powers to Department of Homeland Security personal? Turn us into a Police State if we dont support Government Policy or a reduction in our freedoms and liberty.

Let it be known that any legislation that reduce our liberties in the name of freedom I will not support. Im sick to death of ‘Double talk’ from our Government.

Only time will tell. One to keep an eye on.

Considering this is breaking news reported by Fairfax media/PBL, it wasn’t even listed on the Home Page or

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  • did you say “sick to death” (of double talk) careful mate they may take that as an invitation. Read ‘ swine flu epidemic predicted, cases found in U/.S .& Mexico April 24th ’09 Pandemic mentioned,thats what the civilian force is for, to make sure you all take your vaccinations.Google Eugenics. visit

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  • This is to make sure that when the public rise up against New World Order and the banks, the police states, big brother’s powers that there won’t be enough people to make a difference because the governments around the world have appealed to human nature and allowed them to feel they are empowered and making a difference through forces such as these. This is a croc. This is to serve their agenda. I certainly hope no one I know would be stupid enough to involve themselves in any of this tripe.

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