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Obama – Fall of the Republic

Yes Alex Jones has produced another informative documentary. The Fall of the United States of America as a Democratic country. Whatever was left is now being destroyed before our Eyes.

Don’t be deceived Australians, we are further along in some regards regarding our freedoms, but there is still an opportunity to stop it.

Come December 2009 the Australian Federal Government will be hoping to go to the United Nations Copenhagen Treaty to sign away our National sovereignty, to non-elected, non-government officials, who will have the power to take over our country in the name of climate change. Private Bankers who care nothing for our existence. The same people who caused and created the Global Financial crisis, and are now being given all the money from Governments to pocket.

Climate change really equal Global Governance. The New World Order they have been talking about for so long is about to be given its foundation stone. Its time for us as Australian’s to stand and not let this happen. Its time to tell Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that by signing the Copenhagen Treaty you are committing High Treason and should be punished accordingly. We can stand up and stop this while there is still time.

Please watch this Documentary and open your eyes to see who really controls the world’s economies and governments.

The World According to Monsanto

Its time to take a stand against companies like Monsanto who put Bio-Technology and Genetically modified food sources above the health of consumers and farmers. Its time to stand up and support traditional seeds over the the Genetically modified, which are harmful to the environment and survival of original seeds. The seeds are predators and destroy and infect the original seeds with transgetic DNA and render then infected and unable to produce locked into a Monsanto controlled evil patent system. Products like roundup are dangerous and hardardous to our environment. Aspartame is a toxic chemical produced by Monsanto and also caused neurological diseases. Lets resist these evil empires.

From KDE 4.1.2 to Gnome 2.24

For those who know me in the community; I’m not one to change once I found something I like and am also comfortable with. For me this was KDE 3.5 from .5 to .9 release updates. With the decision from my distribution of choice to switch over to the latest implementation of KDE4 4.1.2 I decided that it was now time to switch desktops. The main reason is, I don’t see KDE 4 is currently at a place where I can say that I would be able to comfortably use on a daily basis, as well as the KDE4 extras are still being finished like Amarok, Konversation, Kaffeine. Now overall my distro has done a great job out of all distros, but KDE4 is still not for me at the moment.

So now over to Gnome 2.24, which since I last used it for a while has greatly improved and now has very similar features to what KDE 3.5.5 use to have. The gnome team have done an excellent job as well.

For browsers I still use Firefox 3.0.3, but Ephiphany seems to me more feature rich than Konqueror on KDE4. I can use Java and Flash plugins with much more ease. Ephiphany displays the online list on facebook which would not show on Konqueror.  Maybe I was missing a plugin for Konqueror. It just didn’t work for me.

Nautilus I have adapted to quite easily. I don’t find it much different to the old Konqueror on KDE 3.5.9 except opening network samba shares was slightly different as it didnt always open the domain or host to view the shares. I had to type the url in manually. But most features are almost identical. It didnt take me long to get used the interface and navigate through different settings and menu’s.

Instead of installing Amarok for KDE 3.5.10 I decided to go with Banshee 1.2.1 ( I decided this over Rhythmbox as I consider it to be quite lame). Banshee features are nice and not to different to that of Amarok. It also has an Itunes like feel to it. I was able to add my media and listen in no time. I didn’t miss Amarok at all.

For instant messenging I am now using pdigin over Kopete and for IRC, X chat over Konversation. My wife did miss Kopete though. But we all must adapt.

Now for the Desktop. It took a bit of getting use too.  The menues and windows in a seemed to spread more across the desktop in a flat 2 Dimensional way. I found this even if I removed one of the panels. I did miss a little how KDE used Kdesktop to set things up. It just felt more smoother to me. I also found the desktop look to me more flatter than on KDE 3.5.9. The Ia Ora theme did improve this over the default Gnome theme.  I suppose with a bit more playing around with themes I can get more bling.

So for now I will stick with my new Gnome 2.24 desktop. After 4 days I have adapted nicely. I can now do everything I did in KDE. I also opted to not even install any KDE 3.5.10 applications. Gnome will now be my desktop at least for the next six months.

TIme to celebrate.

Council’s Watching Your Waste

TI-RFid chip under bin

Council’s these the days are now going to great lengths to insure that we are recycling and doing the right thing with our waste. The problem I have is the lengths that some Council’s are taking to ensure we comply with their recycling Policies.  TI-RFid has now been inplmented in Ryde and Randwick councils; see the SMH article on Tracking device on bins ensures residents chip in. This will be used to measure the weight of bins, time of collection of bins.

“But the councils insist they are not spying on their residents’ waste habits, or planning to use the technology to increase waste levies in the future.

They say they are using the data to help identify areas where people are not recycling enough.”

“Bin weight data will help identify average bin weights by type and suburb. This information will also be used to develop waste education material,” a Randwick City Council spokeswoman, Alexandra Power, said.”

What this shows is that council’s believe they need to monitor their residents as they can not trust them to do the right thing. This could show that Council’s are trying to measure usage with the aim to charge more on the customer if their waste is high. Well only time will tell. Will be interesting to watch its progress and whether other waste services and Council’s will adopt similar strategies.