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America: From the Road of Freedom to the Streets of Fascism

Used Under Permission from Brian D. Hill of uswgo.com


The Documentary idea started around June of 2011 during the Martinsville Virginia Civil War Reenactment which Brian got very good quality footage with his new HD Quality digital camera. Whenever he saw that he thought he should do a documentary but what Kind? A documentary that exposes the world elite including the Bushes, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds which even financed both sides of the civil war. Brian wanted a big documentary film to expose the big elite, the Bilderberg criminals that has just about robbed America and countries throughout the world. It is through evidence found and it is Brian’s big belief that the civil war was a power grab by the Rothschilds to have the Federal Government abort states rights under the guise of ending slavery of the African Americans. Now that the government has been centralized now it is being consolidated just like during the civil war, to merge all nations states on earth to form the cores of World Government, the New World Order. The Documentary is to expose even further the elites agenda which they thought they could hide from people like Brian D. Hill of USWGO. Brian has also gone on the record since he was sued by Righthaven LLC in January 2011, to fight against Righthaven’s copyright war, done research on their backers Stephens the billionaire investment banker family, and gone on the record to expose Big Medias copyright war under the guise of protecting artists copyrights but in reality it is actually a plot to end the Alternative Media Across the Internet, to bring Chinese style censorship Across the Internet, and bring a legitimacy to corporations stealing small peoples material while they claim Copyright Infringement over every little thing the poor puts together. Brian and all of his works has been in the NYTimes Newspaper, International Herald Tribune, WXII12, FOX8, Infowars, Associated Press (Even though my story there got censored due to backstage pressure from some of Righthaven’s allies) GCNLive, ActivistPost, We Are Change, and even got his organization officially recognized as a organization opposing the Felony Streaming Act.

Obama – Fall of the Republic

Yes Alex Jones has produced another informative documentary. The Fall of the United States of America as a Democratic country. Whatever was left is now being destroyed before our Eyes.

Don’t be deceived Australians, we are further along in some regards regarding our freedoms, but there is still an opportunity to stop it.

Come December 2009 the Australian Federal Government will be hoping to go to the United Nations Copenhagen Treaty to sign away our National sovereignty, to non-elected, non-government officials, who will have the power to take over our country in the name of climate change. Private Bankers who care nothing for our existence. The same people who caused and created the Global Financial crisis, and are now being given all the money from Governments to pocket.

Climate change really equal Global Governance. The New World Order they have been talking about for so long is about to be given its foundation stone. Its time for us as Australian’s to stand and not let this happen. Its time to tell Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that by signing the Copenhagen Treaty you are committing High Treason and should be punished accordingly. We can stand up and stop this while there is still time.

Please watch this Documentary and open your eyes to see who really controls the world’s economies and governments.

OOXML??? Now We Wait

While everyone is sitting back waiting for the ISO ballet result changes after the BRM for the ECMA 376 OOXML, as to whether it will be adopted as a standard. I thought I would tell you what I think. At this stage the votes seem to be pointing to a victory for Microsoft. I’m not a Lawyer, so dont think I’m commenting as one.

I see this as not a major issue for ODF (Open Document Format). From what I’ve read with OOXML out there currently, business and Government don’t seem to even be looking at any other format other than ODF. If this trend continues.,then OOXML with just be another on the shelf standard with Windows users having it shoved down their throats like Microsoft binary formats of the past. OOXML can join HD-DVD as the engine that couldn’t.

Personally I don’t support and will endeavour not to be brought under this permissive curse called OOXML. I will continue the migration all of my file format away from existing old binary formats to ODF. Dragging stuff out from when I was in High School. I want to be able to share with my kids when they say ‘what sort of stuff did you do when you were at school’. I can also recall old ideas I had and thesis’s I did. All of which are in binary formats and almost now inaccessible. The process is going to be long and tedious.

So what ever happens I hope that people will see that OOXML is not truly and Open Standard in the practical sense. Microsoft will still have pretty much full control of its direction. Its up to us to stop its implementation and promote true open Standards.