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A New Ubuntu Loving User Freed from Vista.

I just finished installing Ubuntu 8.04_1 LTS on a friends computer. They have had enough with Windows inparticularly Vista. The installation went smoothly. No hiccups from the wubi installer.  In no time my friend had ubuntu up and running, and boy she loved it. She adapted easily to gnome the desktop, found OpenOfiice 2.4 easy to use and was using firefox 3 to do her browsing.

So phase one is now complete. She plans on spending the next couple of months getting use to the environment and is willing to put in the time to save her multiple hours she would have lost on Vista.

Phase two will be a complete removal of Vista. Running XP in a virtual machine for must have software.

OOXML is a Standard

God help us all. The news has been leaked that OOXML ECMA 376/ISO/IEC DIS 29500 is now a standard as reported by Reuters.

KDE on their blog did an April fools joke yesterday declaring that the OOXML is a standard and supported it after receiving a annoymous donation of $10,000 from a North American Company. The problem is the joke has turned into a nightmare, as the news, which was due to be released on Wednesday has been leaked.

OOXML is a standard and we now must show everyone that it is not a standard to even touch. Let alone let your Grandmother or pet dog look at. It will be interesting to see how it is modified and and how the standard improves and evolves into something remotely interoperable within Microsoft’s own product range formats, let alone other platforms.

Well I have made up my mind. As for me and my house will stick with ODF.

OOXML??? Now We Wait

While everyone is sitting back waiting for the ISO ballet result changes after the BRM for the ECMA 376 OOXML, as to whether it will be adopted as a standard. I thought I would tell you what I think. At this stage the votes seem to be pointing to a victory for Microsoft. I’m not a Lawyer, so dont think I’m commenting as one.

I see this as not a major issue for ODF (Open Document Format). From what I’ve read with OOXML out there currently, business and Government don’t seem to even be looking at any other format other than ODF. If this trend continues.,then OOXML with just be another on the shelf standard with Windows users having it shoved down their throats like Microsoft binary formats of the past. OOXML can join HD-DVD as the engine that couldn’t.

Personally I don’t support and will endeavour not to be brought under this permissive curse called OOXML. I will continue the migration all of my file format away from existing old binary formats to ODF. Dragging stuff out from when I was in High School. I want to be able to share with my kids when they say ‘what sort of stuff did you do when you were at school’. I can also recall old ideas I had and thesis’s I did. All of which are in binary formats and almost now inaccessible. The process is going to be long and tedious.

So what ever happens I hope that people will see that OOXML is not truly and Open Standard in the practical sense. Microsoft will still have pretty much full control of its direction. Its up to us to stop its implementation and promote true open Standards.

Linux over Microsoft

This is just my opinion so no flaming.

I like how Linux is being adopted by small business over Microsoft Server. The freedom and flexibility must be a great incentive for start-ups.

Its also good to see that the world in general and the main line media is beginning to take notice on a regular basis of the change. See Microsofts new play for linux lovers by the Wall Street Journal.

Linux is becoming the operating system of choice and I hope we will see a greater increase in the next few years. I believe these days its not about price, but freedom, flexibility and stability that using Open Source software provides.

My migration away from Windows came when I decided to give Linux ago again. I tried Mandrake 7.2 in 2000 after I got married and thought this stuff has great promise and potential. At that time I was on dial-up and it wasnt my time to switch. Now in 2008 I have celebrated 1 year using Mandriva (I choose this as I was familiar with Mandrake from 2000 and had not heard of Ubuntu). The main reason I switched 12 months ago, or the inspiration for my switch was the constant dealing with the Windows environment. I was no casual user of Microsoft products but had been using them since the DOS days in the early 90’s. What bugged me was daily maintenance, the odd trojan or virus sneaking in through the firewall and the main catalyst; the instability in the the Windows Desktop as a whole. I was a lucky person. I never ever got the BSOD; but I knew a lot of people who did. My usual routine was having to reinstall windows every 6 months just to try and get some stability and peace of mind that my system was secure. An every install for me including every application I use was around 4 to 5 hours. This gets tedious after a while and if anything went wrong during installation there was no way to repair the problem and continue.

So after these constant struggles I downloaded the ISO for Mandriva 2007, repartitioned my Hard Disk and began the installation process. I was so amazed how far Mandrake/Mandriva Linux had come. The installation took about 1 hr from the DVD with no updates. The DVD installed everything I need for a funtional desktop, with no need to install applications. I did the updates once it booted into KDE and added the repositories. Adding root and users accounts was simple and before I knew it I had a working desktop. I was amazed at the speed and flexibilty of Linux and the thought that Mandriva put into making it an easy experience for new people. The Mandriva Control Center or Draktools as they are known in the Mandriva community, made configuration of printers and network sharing simple. I did not need to use the command line once during this process. I thought I was in heaven. The speed of the OS also impressed me. It ran rings around my Windows XP installation even after I freshly installed it three months before. I decided from then to make Linux my default booting OS and would slowly find equivalent applications to replace those I used in Windows.

WOW if startups are seeing this when they begin their business and are implimenting Linux over Windows, then I can understand why Microsoft is finding it hard. The ease and stability to configure makes linux a free viable option. Not to mention less down time then With Windows Server.

If I was starting a small business and needed servers for daily business and to provide solution to my customer I would now choose Linux over Windows. I would also have Linux as for staff as my desktop of Choice. Would probably stick with Mandriva as distribution of Choice.

These are just my thoughts, do what you will with them.