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Amusing Ourselves To Death – Huxley vs Orwell


Council’s Watching Your Waste Part 2

This morning on the way to work I caught Ryde Councils contractor WSN Environmental Solutions in action going through people bins collecting data on the contents.

The contractor scans the RFID chip. Checks what items are inside the bins and makes notes.

It is only a matter of time and I can see them fining people if they have put what they consider to be recyceable material in the main waste bin.

Zdnet had a recent update article on the program.

Council’s Watching Your Waste

TI-RFid chip under bin

Council’s these the days are now going to great lengths to insure that we are recycling and doing the right thing with our waste. The problem I have is the lengths that some Council’s are taking to ensure we comply with their recycling Policies.  TI-RFid has now been inplmented in Ryde and Randwick councils; see the SMH article on Tracking device on bins ensures residents chip in. This will be used to measure the weight of bins, time of collection of bins.

“But the councils insist they are not spying on their residents’ waste habits, or planning to use the technology to increase waste levies in the future.

They say they are using the data to help identify areas where people are not recycling enough.”

“Bin weight data will help identify average bin weights by type and suburb. This information will also be used to develop waste education material,” a Randwick City Council spokeswoman, Alexandra Power, said.”

What this shows is that council’s believe they need to monitor their residents as they can not trust them to do the right thing. This could show that Council’s are trying to measure usage with the aim to charge more on the customer if their waste is high. Well only time will tell. Will be interesting to watch its progress and whether other waste services and Council’s will adopt similar strategies.

OOXML is a Standard

God help us all. The news has been leaked that OOXML ECMA 376/ISO/IEC DIS 29500 is now a standard as reported by Reuters.

KDE on their blog did an April fools joke yesterday declaring that the OOXML is a standard and supported it after receiving a annoymous donation of $10,000 from a North American Company. The problem is the joke has turned into a nightmare, as the news, which was due to be released on Wednesday has been leaked.

OOXML is a standard and we now must show everyone that it is not a standard to even touch. Let alone let your Grandmother or pet dog look at. It will be interesting to see how it is modified and and how the standard improves and evolves into something remotely interoperable within Microsoft’s own product range formats, let alone other platforms.

Well I have made up my mind. As for me and my house will stick with ODF.